Do you know the difference between a General Public Notary, or a Signing Agent?

As a Signing Agent, I could perform many types of notarizations, but the primary type of notaries performed would be to help finalize a real estate transaction. Typically a Signing Agent is the best option for doing a loan package. There is more liability on a Public Notary’s end for a loan package which means they need to have more training, more background check and in some places more E & O (or Errors and Omissions) coverage. Most Signing Agents perform assignments for Title Companies directly. Also a Signing Agent usually requires a Title Insurance License, Closing Agent License or other special licensing depending on the State they are in.

A General Notary is a Public Notary and will generally be mobile. As a mobile agent, I go to a client’s home, meet at a specific location or even may use the hood of my car, roof of my car or drive up and you meet me at my car. A General Public Notary can help with any documents, but not do Loan Packages because there is a lot more involved in doing Loan Packages. As a General Notary, I am limited by the State of AZ on what I can charge. I may charge up the maximum fee set by AZ law for my notarial services. I am allowed to charge a separate travel fee for traveling to a customer’s location.

So what type of notary am I?  I am a Mobile General Public Notary and am happy to come to you, wherever you are in the State of AZ.

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